Northamptonshire Highways – Travel Choices

Northamptonshire Highways commissioned Amplitude to produce an information video on the broad range of sustainable transport options available in the region. The film is used as an information tool and offers a wide range of options to Northamptonshire’s residents.

The production process for us included covering a wide range of locations, filming styles and even commissioning our own bus! We then used infographics to help communicate keys facts and figures intertwined with the video itself.

I really valued being able to sit there with the editors at the final stage and go through it together so I could get across what was much harder to do with just written comments. The team were all lovely – the boys were fab the day I came in right at the end and it was nice feeling they really ‘got’ what I was talking about.  Result?  A great video that we are proud of and that people have said they really like. And yes I think we would use you again…

Nicky Hyde-Pulley. Northamptonshire Highways

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Published: August 10, 2015