Avon – Product Photography

Avon is one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies, with lines that include fashion, jewellery, and wellness products. In the UK, they reach six million women with their brochures every three weeks. Amplitude Media has been a film and photography supplier to Avon’s Northampton head office since 2015; a relationship that’s grown considerably in recent years. Avon refresh their product offering every season, and in late 2019 asked Amplitude to provide Product Photography for several product ranges to be featured in their magazines and on their website.

While Avon varies the styling of Creative Still Life and Model photography in order to differentiate their product lines, the styling of their Product Photography always remains consistent, using a standard white background and soft shadows. Keeping Product Photography consistent means that products from different ranges can be shown next to one another in magazines or on websites without the page looking confused or cluttered.

We’ve created Product Photography for numerous ranges for Avon. The complexity of Product Photography is determined by the type of product being shot. Most of the product Avon asked us to shoot in the three ranges mentioned above were jewellery. The small size of these products meant they could all be shot on our product tables, but their many reflective surfaces meant we’d have additional challenges controlling light and reflections. Thankfully, this was by no means our first time shooting reflective jewellery.

We created example compositions for each product type (bracelets, watches, rings, etc.) and sought sign-off from Avon before applying the same composition to all products of the same type. Using careful positioning of the product table, reflectors, camera, and lights, we were able to reduce unwanted reflections to nothing, greatly simplifying the editing process.

The shots were delivered to Avon fully colour-matched as layered Photoshop files (PSDs).

If you’re interested in using Product photography to show off your products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Published: February 6, 2020