The last few months have been difficult for many small businesses, self employed people and creative freelancers. Many have had normal revenue streams taken away and are having to adapt their business models in ways they never expected. With more changes and challenges likely to come, it’s still an uncertain time.

Here at Amplitude Media we’ve been fortunate enough to have clients that have continued to work with us throughout lockdown (thank you!). As such, we recognise we have an opportunity to use our skills and resources to help others in our local business and creative community who are facing challenges. We want to pay it forward, if you will. 

Amplitude Media presents… Catapult.

So (drumroll please) we’re very excited to launch our new Catapult project. We’ll be providing marketing consultancy, business startup and planning advice, and branding and content tools for FREE to one individual or organisation each month. It won’t be a full Scorsese production, but it will hopefully give you some great advice and tools to help you launch or develop your project, product, or brand.

How it works

We’ll tailor each ‘catapult’ programme to the individual needs of the selected applicants, but it will loosely look something like this. 


  • A two-hour business planning session with our Managing Director and in-house marketing strategy specialist (over Zoom for now).
  • A written report of ideas, strategies, tools, links and resources based on our findings.
  • A logo and brand identity starter pack & toolkit.
  • Product pictures or headshot taken in our studio (social distancing allowing).
  • Follow up coaching session after 1 month to see how you are getting on.

Potential extras 

Potentially some small video or animation if it fits your project and we have time around our other work (we’ll do our best).

What we won’t do

Try and upsell you to spend money with us. This isn’t a sales campaign for us, this is part of our commitment (alongside our environmental work) to be a socially responsible company that puts back into the world and local community in a positive way, supporting our local independent and creative economy. 

Woooo, sounds great, how can I apply?

Head on over to this link – click click – and fill in the form in as much detail as you can. We know forms aren’t everyone’s bag so we’re not expecting a full business plan here, but the more info you can give us the more we can research and come up with good ideas. We’ll get in touch if we think you’re the right fit for the Catapult project. 


There are no age restrictions (as you can start a new project at any point in life!) but we are only looking for applicants from Northamptonshire. You must be a freelancer/sole trader/creative or small business with 4 employees or fewer – we want to help out the people who would benefit most, not a big company after a free rebrand. We’d also like to feature you on our blog and social media to talk about the project.  

Insert pun about catapults.